Day Pass

每天不限次数地乘坐公共汽车和火车,只需要来回的价格. 本地及区域/机场日票可在“特快专车”内购买, Uber, Lyft和Transit应用, 以及在任何巴士(只收现金)或快速购票自动售货机.

九游会在线 MyRide

九游会在线's new MyRide fare payment system provides customers with more convenience and flexibility than ever before. 当您使用MyRide移动条码或MyRide卡支付旅行费用时, 车费会自动设定上限,以确保你不会多花冤枉钱.


乘公共汽车的人在上车时可以选择付现金. 需要精确的零钱,不接受贷/借. 现金票价包括一张3小时通票, 适合在同等服务水平的其他公共汽车或火车上无限旅行. 三小时通票也可在 九游会在线 MyRide应用.

九游会在线 & Ticket Books

经常乘车和通勤的人可以通过提前购买一辆自行车来节省时间和金钱 Monthly Pass or 十次乘车票册 在九游会在线 MyRide, Uber, Lyft和Transit应用中,以及从九游会在线的 online store 或参观任何 即建即售销售处 或参与 King Soopers或Safeway商店. 截至2023年底,乘客可以使用2020年和2021年的机票. 不需要交换!

Fare Prices


  • $3.00 常规的价格 / $1.50* 折扣价格 / $0.90** youth price / $1.80*** live price
    3小时通行证/ MyRide - 3小时
  • $5.00 常规的价格 单一的寄宿
    $30.00 常规的价格 六程车票
  • $28 常规的价格 / $14* 折扣价格 / $9** youth price / $18.00*** live price
  • $114 常规的价格 / $57* 折扣价格 / $34.20** youth price
    Monthly Pass


  • 铁路旅行在1或2 fare zones
  • 本地/有限巴士路线
  • 本地服务的区域或SkyRide巴士路线
  • FlexRide服务


  • $5.25 常规的价格 / $2.60* 折扣价格 / $1.60** youth price / $3.15*** live price
    3小时通行证/ MyRide - 3小时
  • $9.00 常规的价格 单一的寄宿
  • $50.50 常规的价格 / $25.25* 折扣价格 / $16.00** youth price / $31.50*** live price
  • $200 常规的价格 / $99* 折扣价格 / $60** youth price
    Monthly Pass


  • 铁路旅行占3 fare zones
  • 区域巴士路线
  • SkyRide巴士路线的区域服务


  • $10.50 常规的价格 / $5.25* 折扣价格 / $3.20** youth price
  • $20.00 常规的价格 单一的寄宿
  • 前往机场 机场旅行需要升级
  • 机场票价为 包括在


  • 机场的铁路旅行 fare zone (丹佛国际机场)
  • 前往丹佛国际机场的巴士服务
Legend: Full-fare /折扣票价* /青年优惠票** / LiVE fare (如果可用)***

* 折扣票价 适用于65岁以上的老年人、残疾人和医疗保险受益人.
** Youth discount fares apply to youth ages 6-19 (up to three children ages 5 and younger ride free with a fare-paying adult).
***现场票价适用于已加入的乘客 LiVE. 可用的票价产品:MyRide移动条码, MyRide card, 现场移动票(3小时通票, Day Pass, 或十程套票), 纸活10乘票书.
**** MyRide卡不接受FlexRide服务.

美国现役军人.S. military 免费乘坐所有快速运输服务. 资格证明 所有使用折扣机票产品的乘客都需要遵守什么规定.


You ride 九游会在线: 你最好的食物是:
  • 本地MyRide票价(每趟3美元).00)
  • MyRide地区单程票价(5美元.25)
  • 机场MyRide单程票价(10美元.50)
  • 本地10次乘车票簿($28)或本地MyRide票价($3).00)
  • 地区10次乘车票(50美元).50)
  • 当地通票(6美元).00)
  • 地区/机场日通票(10美元).50)
  • 本地月票($114)
  • 区域/机场月票($200)

注:以上例子为即时运输服务全价车费. 符合条件的乘客还可以享受折扣机票.


  • No Refunds :

    购买任何票价产品均不退款. Fare media may carry an end-of-year expiration date; if so, 他们可能有资格在有限的时间内获得新的票簿的信用.

  • 3-Hour Pass :
    The 3-Hour Pass allows customers to take unlimited trips at the same service level on bus or train. When you scan your 九游会在线 MyRide mobile barcode or use your MyRide card your fare defaults to a 3-Hour Pass, with your trips accumulating and capping at Day or Monthly 九游会在线 depending on your travel. 你也可以购买3小时通行证 in the 九游会在线 MyRide应用 (though fare capping will not apply), 还有自动售票机, 上公共汽车时, 及在即建即建销售处. The 3-Hour Pass will serve as your valid fare payment for three hours from the time of purchase, issue, 或激活.
  • 十次乘车票:
    为了节省时间和金钱,你可以购买 网上预订10次乘车票, from an 即建即售销售处,或参与 King Soopers或Safeway商店 或通过九游会在线 MyRide, Uber, Lyft和Transit应用程序的10次乘车票包. Tickets from a paper ticket book must be inserted into the bus fare box 上公共汽车时 and will be exchanged by your driver for a printed 3-Hour Pass, 如果你要的话. If you’re using a ticket from a ticket book to ride a train then be sure to validate the ticket prior to boarding by inserting it into the rail station’s red ticket validator, 否则,您的车票将不被视为有效的票价支付. Tickets serve as your valid fare payment for three hours from the time of purchase or validation. 客户可以使用2020年和2021年的10-Ride & 到2023年底的乘车门票. 不需要交换!
  • Access-a-Ride:
    Access-a-Ride的票价是5美元.本地旅行00美元,9美元.地区旅行00美元,20美元.往返丹佛国际机场票价00元. Access-a-Ride的客户可以用现金支付, 移动票, or paper tickets in the form of 6-Ride Local Ticket Books which can be used for Regional and Airport trips with additional payment. Customers with a valid Access-a-Ride ID card can ride any 九游会在线 fixed route service for free.  
  • Buy online :
    The 九游会在线 Online Store allows you to place online orders using a credit card for Monthly 九游会在线, 十次乘车票册, 和乘车票簿. 

    Please note: online orders for ticket books are processed and shipped weekly and monthly passes are shipped once per month. 一定要提前计划好你的订单. check the 网上订购日历 确切日期.


  • Day Pass :

    Take unlimited trips at the same service level on bus or train for the entire 九游会在线 service day for the price of a round-trip (passes expire at 2:59 a.m. 在购买、验证或激活后的第二天). 本地日票及区域/机场日票可于 九游会在线 MyRide, Uber, Lyft和Transit应用, 在公共汽车上也一样(只收现金), exact change), 还有火车站的自动售票机. When you pay for fares with your MyRide mobile barcode or MyRide card your trips will accumulate with your fare being capped at the cost of a Day Pass. 本地日票只适用于本地票价, 区域/机场日票只适用于本地机场, Regional, 及机场票价.

  • 折扣票价:
    Discounted fares 适用于65岁以上的老年人、残疾人和医疗保险受益人. Youth fares applies to youth ages 6-19 (up to three children ages 5 and younger ride free with a fare-paying adult). 以收入为基础的票价折扣适用于登记参加实时交通运输计划的个人. 美国现役军人.S. military 免费乘坐所有快速运输服务. 资格证明 所有使用折扣机票产品的乘客都需要遵守什么规定. 
    Learn more about discount fares, proof of eligibility requirements, and special discount cards
  • Downgrades :
    In most cases the bus fare that you pay will correspond to the service level of the route (ie. 本地、地区或机场). However on Regional and Airport routes it is possible to take a partial trip that qualifies for a lower "downgraded" fare, 这取决于你登机和离开的路线. If you know your trip qualifies for a downgraded fare be sure to tell the driver before you pay your fare so that you get charged correctly. 
  • 逃票:
    不支付车费而使用快速换乘服务是违法的(C.R.S. §42-4-1416(2)未出示有效的过境通行证或优惠券). 未能出示有效过境证, ticket, 转让或优惠券可能导致最高106美元的罚款.50英镑,包括诉讼费. Fare evasion is punishable under the Colorado traffic code and failure to pay may result in the loss of a person's driving privileges. Multiple fare citations will result in suspension from 九游会在线 services for a pre-determined amount of time. 
  • FlexRide :
    以前叫做Call-n-Ride. FlexRide票价总是本地票价.
  • 流动票务:
    Download the 九游会在线 MyRide应用 只需在验证处扫描“MyRide”手机条形码即可支付车费. 你也可以购买3小时通行证, 日卡和月卡即时在应用程序中, 还有优步, Lyft, 和交通应用程序. Mobile passes that are pre-purchased are available for future use within 45 days of purchase, 而且这些行程不计入票价上限.
  • 通过项目:
    九游会在线提供了几个通过程序,包括 EcoPassCollegePass, and 社区EcoPass. 这些项目让雇主, 教育机构, 和社区提供给他们的员工的机会, students, 或持有优惠或补贴的快速运票的居民.
  • 铁路票价区:
    快速运输铁路系统分为四个票价区:A、B、C和机场. 铁路票价是根据你在旅行中经过的票价区域的多少而定的. 在一两个地区旅行是本地票价, 在三个地区旅行是地区票价, 出发或终点站均为机场票价. 当决定火车旅行的票价时, fare zones are not counted twice if your trip takes you out of one zone and back into the same zone during a trip. 
  • 非营利项目:
    九游会在线's Nonprofit Program offers reduced fares to eligible 501(c)(3) non-profit or governmental community/social service organizations that provide assistance to low income and homeless individuals. 了解九游会在线关于该项目的信息以及如何申请, 请联系九游会在线的非营利项目协调员 email.
  • 销售网点:
    You can buy 九游会在线 tickets and passes at retail sales outlets at several 九游会在线 transit facilities, as well as at more than 150 participating King Soopers and Safeway stores across the Denver metro area. 这些销售处提供方便的选择,方便市民购买“即港通”票及车票. 
  • SeniorRide票价:
    SeniorRide的票价从3美元起.00 to $5.视服务水平而定.
  • SkyRide票价:
    机场票价和地区/机场日通票都只要10美元.50英镑(全票). If you ride a SkyRide route without boarding or departing at DEN your trip will qualify for a downgraded fare. Depending on where you board and how far you travel you will pay either a Local or Regional fare instead of the Airport fare. Be sure to tell the driver when you board if you aren't going to DEN so that you are correctly charged the downgraded fare. 
  • Upgrades :

    To get the most value and convenience customers are encouraged to use the MyRide mobile barcode or MyRide card to pay for fares. When using these forms of payment trips accumulate and fares are capped to ensure you never pay more than you should. 3小时通票自动转换为日票和月票根据行程, 如果你去票价较高的地区,你只需要支付差额.

    如果没有使用MyRide的条形码或卡片, customers are encouraged to purchase the 区域/机场日通行证 rather than relying on upgrades for making multiple trips at different fare levels. 但是,客户可能会在更高级别的服务上使用升级.

    持有本地票的顾客, 本地三小时通票, Local Day Pass or Local Monthly Pass may upgrade to a Regional 3-Hour Pass (full fare upgrade $2.25 /折扣机票升级1美元.10 /青年升级0美元.70)乘坐区域巴士,用现金支付升级费用.

    持有本地三小时通票的顾客, 本地日卡或本地月卡可用于机场升级(全价升级$7).50 /折扣机票升级3美元.75 /青年升级2美元.30) with cash on the bus to or from the airport; or purchase an airport upgrade ticket with cash, 在火车站的自动售票机用信用卡或借记卡付款. Passengers with a Regional 3-Hour Pass may pay for an airport upgrade (full fare upgrade $5.25 /折扣机票升级2美元.65 /青年升级1美元.60)上车时用现金.