About TSP

交通信号优先级 (TSP) is considered to be one of the popular transit management strategies that can be used to help transit service become more reliable, faster, 更有成本效益. TSP has little impact on general traffic and is a relatively inexpensive way to make transit more competitive with the automobile. Transit signal priority modifies the normal signal operation process to accommodate transit vehicles better. 九游会在线承认TSP是提高总线速度和可靠性的先进工具之一. Consequently, 九游会在线开发了一个新的TSP操作概念, and the designed TSP concept has been deployed at 18 intersections in the district to improve transit service and performance.


Typically, TSP操作允许交通信号控制器跳过冲突信号相位, 缩短冲突的阶段, 延长兼容的相位, 或者修改相序为过境车辆服务. 两个主要的TSP策略是 1)绿色延伸和2)早期绿色 (红色截断). 更具体地说:

  • A 绿色的扩展 strategy extends the green time for the TSP movement when a TSP-equipped transit vehicle is approaching. The 绿色的扩展 is one of the most effective forms of TSP since a 绿色的扩展 does not require additional clearance intervals.
  • An early green strategy shortens the green time of the preceding phases to expedite the return to green (i.e.,红色截形)表示检测到配备tsp的车辆的移动. This strategy only applies when the signal is red, and a TSP-equipped vehicle is approaching. Both 绿色的扩展 and early green strategies are available together within TSP enhanced control environment but are not applied to the same signal cycle.  

九游会在线 TSP系统架构

在评估实践的状态之后, recent experience and modern communications technology available for the bus TSP design, 九游会在线 developed a unique TSP approach by utilizing 九游会在线’s cellular communications technology to implement TSP operation. The most significant advantage over other methods studied is that this approach fully utilizes the bus on-board equipment and system software that 九游会在线 has been applying to CAD/AVL and Automatic Passenger Counting (APC) systems. All that was required was some modification of the on-board programming module to enable TSP triggering and purchase of the relay device to bridge TSP communications between bus and traffic signal controller. This additional equipment is inexpensive and allows for simple maintenance of the system. Figure 1 shows the eight (8) components and steps to generate and process a TSP request. 

计算机辅助调度/自动车辆定位 (CAD/AVL系统(1) that is currently equipped on each bus will be utilized to trigger TSP-related functions. 除了路线, schedule, 并停止系统存储的信息, the system will also maintain the geographic locations to trigger and cancel TSP requests. The TSP check-in requests generated by the on-board equipment will be forwarded to the existing 无线网关(2) and the 手机调制解调器(3) on the bus. 蜂窝调制解调器将使用 蜂窝网络(4) 将TSP请求发送到位于 交通信号控制柜(5). 一旦接收到,调制解调器将把TSP请求转发到 relay (6). 然后,TSP请求将被转发到 交通信号控制器(7),通过中继电路,执行TSP. Similarly, the check-out requests can be used to cancel TSP at the traffic signal controller and can be configured for a different port in the contact closure.   The traffic signal controller contains direct inputs to activate and deactivate TSP requests. 当继电器将请求转发给交通信号控制器时, the controller will respond with TSP specific actions to either extend the TSP phase or terminate non-TSP phases early. The TSP changes will remain in effect until the predefined maximum 绿色的扩展/early-green times are met, TSP请求被经过结帐区的公共汽车取消, 或者根据与代理机构设置的参数,TSP请求超时. 

TSP Image



截至2020年夏季,东线沿线的14个路口已经安装了TSP系统. Colfax Ave. (see 东科尔法克斯改进项目)和沿着威斯敏斯特US-36走廊的四个交叉路口. 查看下面TSP在何时何地被激活的摘要. 

Corridor Jurisdiction Location Direction Status
E. Colfax Ave Denver Lincoln WB 2018年4月10日启动
Grant WB 2018年4月10日启动
Logan EB, WB 2018年4月10日启动
Washington EB, WB 2018年4月10日启动
Clarkson EB, WB 2018年4月10日启动
Downing WB 2018年4月10日启动
Park EB, WB 2018年4月10日启动
York EB 2018年4月10日启动
Josephine WB 2018年4月10日启动
Steele EB, WB 2018年6月启动
Garfield EB, WB 2018年6月启动
Colorado ------------ 未决的交叉口几何升级
Krameria EB, WB 2018年4月10日启动
摩纳哥百汇 ------------ 等待交叉口控制系统升级
Quebec EB, WB 2018年4月10日启动
Yosemite EB 2018年4月10日启动
US-36 Westminster Church Ranch EB 2018年1月9日启动
Church Ranch WB 2018年1月9日启动
Sheridan EB 2018年4月1日启动
Sheridan WB 于2017年6月9日启动
Broomfield Interlocken EB 中央系统升级待定
Interlocken WB 中央系统升级待定
Superior  McCaslin EB 激活等待
McCaslin WB 激活等待


九游会在线 and the participating stakeholders are now monitoring the TSP operation to make sure the systems are all functioning as intended. This is accomplished by analyzing and comparing the data retrieved from 1) bus on-board log, 2) relay log, 3)交通控制器日志. The preliminary results show that, in general, the TSP systems are functioning as designed.  

Next Steps

  • The TSP system has been successfully promoting transit services by improving transit reliability and speeds. 除了目前的TSP地点, 九游会在线 collaborates with local agencies to explore new TSP locations along Havana St (Aurora section). 和联邦大道. (丹佛段),促进区域流动和互联互通.
  • A TSP前后研究 涵盖巴士在站间及站内停留时间的量度, 站间速度, 站点之间的运行时间和站点准点率将于2021年初公布. 基于TSP性能, 九游会在线 and the participating stakeholders will make modifications to their operation and control systems. 例如,九游会在线可以调整交通时刻表,以优化交通运营. 至于当地的利益相关者, they may adjust signal timings and splits to not only prioritize transit operation but also optimize the vehicular operation.
  • 九游会在线 was recently awarded two DRCOG Technology set-aside funding totally around 1 million dollars to enhance 九游会在线's integrated TSP/Transit real-time data sharing system focusing on GTFS-RT feed and real-time bus occupancy notification system. Meanwhile, the funding will be using on migrating the existing TSP system to the Conditional TSP system, which is inherently more robust in utilizing TSP operations and eliminating the impact of TSP on traffic signal systems.
  • Collaborate with Denver to launch a cloud-based Enterprise Data Management (EDM) system to store our transit TSP data. 实现后的电火花加工系统, 检索和分析TSP数据对两个机构来说都将更早. 该电火花加工系统预计将于2022年初完成.


An "九游会在线 交通信号优先级 (TSP) Application Guidelines" has been prepared and published. 应用程序指南解释了什么是TSP, 为什么它很重要, 好处是什么, 以及围绕这个话题的重要问题. This report contains the steps one should follow to implement a TSP project in the district successfully. 如需索取报告副本或有任何其他交通优先事项问题(例如.g., TSP,插队,巴士绕道),请电邮 (电子邮件保护).